torsdag den 29. august 2013


A trio of cherubs
Rests on your shoulder
Fresh cut ivory
Curled up in a couch

Cherry dream
Fall breeze
Cool world
Sheets hanging to dry in the wind

Bubblegum scented stickers
Cookies in the oven
Smiley faces

- transcribed from the notebook of Casanova

X MARKS the spot, soon.

lørdag den 24. august 2013


¿Que pasa Pendejo?

tirsdag den 18. juni 2013

tirsdag den 21. maj 2013


Toekomstje LP is now available for preorder @ Rush Hour

lørdag den 5. januar 2013

søndag den 11. november 2012


VITAMIN J from Catherine Pattinama Coleman on Vimeo.

SENTIMENTAL OVERDRIVE Energy drink w/ download code. Expected January 2013.